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Apr 2020
I push you up against the wall and you hit the back of your head a little harder than expected. You can feel the want in my forcefulness. My hands run up and down your body and arms. They find your hands and our fingers intertwine. I pull your hands behind your back and yank you into me. I lean in and you feel my warm breath on your neck before my lips and tongue. I let go of one of your hands and put mine on the back of your neck as I clumsily pull your mouth against mine. I pull your other arm up above your head with you still pressed against the wall. One hand presses against the middle of your chest so I can feel your heartbeat, strong and hard. Our mouths and tongues exploring each others. I pull up your shirt and you raise your arms and take it the rest of the way off. I quickly pull mine off as well. My arms wrap around you. One of my hands finds its way up to your face/cheek and cradles it. I feel your warm body pressed against mine and its making me hard. Our kissing has slowed but become more passionate. The small breaks from kissing I run my thumb across your lips and tell you I want you. I look you in the eyes as I say it. I spin us around so I'm against the wall now and grab you by the waist of your pants fumbling to find the buttons. With a few of them undone you pull me toward the bed directly behind you. When you back into the bed you sit down with a small squeal and start to undo my pants. Your mouth finds my stomach and your tongue makes circles around it as you play with the buttons on my jeans. You can feel my ****, hard inside my pants. You hear me exhale and let out a low moan. You look up and before you can go any further I get down on my knees while smiling at you. I push you on your back and my hands go to your waist sides and start to pull off your pants one side at a time. I kiss your tummy and you feel my lips against your soft skin. Your pants now down below your knees. I pull them all the way off along with your socks. Neither of us wore underwear. You on the bed, on your back. Knees bent with feet on the floor. Nothing but your bra. The air is cool against your warm skin. Me kneeling in between your legs. No shirt, pants unbuttoned but still on. You feel me reach for your legs and I lower my head to your warmth. You are extremely wet already. You feel my mouth making its way down past your belly button. You quiver slightly. I throw your legs over my shoulders. You feel my cheeks against the inside of your thighs. You know whats coming. I can hear your breathing quicken and become more shallow. You finally feel my lips kiss your wet *****. My hands pull you down the bed into my tongue. You tilt your head back and close your eyes. I am licking you up and down slowly. Wide, broad strokes. I can taste you. Smell you. Its driving me on. You hear a muffled moan come from down there as I slide my tongue inside you for the first time. I lightly **** on you in between licking. You start to lose your train of thought. Your back slightly arches. You feel my hand slide down and under your leg. I stop to put my two middle fingers in my mouth all the way to the knuckle and cover them in both our juices. I slide them into you with the fingerprints facing the ceiling and go back to working you with my lips, tongue and hand. Every lick and every press of my fingers invites your hips to roll with me. We find a slow rhythm. Together, making you wetter and wetter. I keep my fingers inside you and softly bite the inside of your thigh. Then I lick all the way from the gentile bite mark back to my fingers still inside you. I tell you "I want you to *** for me." I tell you "I want to taste you." "I want you to *** on my mouth." You answer with a small whimper "umhm". Your hips are moving faster. Grinding harder. My hands are being rougher. My mouth pressing harder against you. I **** on your **** and play with it using my tongue. Squeeze it in between my soft lips. Your juices are rolling out of you, out of my mouth down between you making the blankets wet. You can hear another muffled request for you to *** for me from in between your legs but I wont stop licking you. You feel close to ****** and reach down to pull my hair. You pull my head into your sopping wet *****. I can feel your body clench up. You tell me you are going to ***. You tell me to keep going. Keep licking. Keep ******* you with my hand. I'm moaning in a low voice and you can feel the vibrations of it resonate through out your entire body.
(Female descriptive)
I slow the pace of my movements to give you some time to recover. You know I want more. The light in the room suddenly looks brighter and you shut your eyes. You can feel me slowly kissing your tummy, moving upwards. My hands reach behind your back and unclasp your bra. You throw it aside and run your fingers through my hair. I take your breast in my mouth. As much as I can fit. I lick under it and around your *******. Playfully biting. My hands push them up and you can feel me play with them as my mouth completely covers the other one in your *** and my saliva. I move up in between your legs, still slightly shaking from your ****** a few minutes ago. Your hands touch my face, brush my messy hair back away from my forehead. You look into my eyes. You see lust. You see me as you have always seen me in your head. The hazel eyes, dashing almost violently, looking around you. Wanting to take you all in. Making mental notes of you. You close your eyes again and pull my mouth to yours. You kiss me deeply with a passion shared only between our hearts and imaginations. Your hands reach down and start to pull off my pants. I help and within twenty seconds they are on the floor beside yours. You feel all of me now. You feel the weight of me on top of you. You feel my breath on your neck and face as we kiss. You feel my lips, soft and swollen, pressed against yours. I **** on your bottom lip from time to time and its making it swell. You feel my arms beside you holding me up so I don't put all my weight on you. Your hands reach around and press against my back. You want me closer to you. You feel my chest and stomach against yours. Your legs are spread apart inviting me inside you. You feel my hard ****, the shaft sliding against your ****. Spreading apart your ***** lips. I can feel your wetness. It's soaking the blankets and sheets under but neither of us care. You can feel me pressing my hips hard against you. You know what I want. I want to be inside you. My mouth finds your ear and I whisper that to you as I lick it. You smile with joy. We have both been waiting for this for so long. You have already imagined what it would be like. We both have. You reach down and grab a hold of my long, hard ****. You stroke it up and down. You like the gurth of it. You feel my want as you tease it. You put the head against your ***** lips and wait for me to push it inside of you. I slowly ease it in. Only an inch or so before pulling it back out. You knew I was playful but this is torture. You grab onto it again and pull me into you as far as I'll allow. Again only an inch or so. You open your eyes. You make a moaning sound. Almost a whine. You want me inside of you now. You slide down a bit to better position yourself as to pull my **** inside you. Your legs wrap around me. You smile as you put the head of my **** inside you again and pull me inside you with your legs. I don't resist this time and let you have all of me. Deep inside you. You can feel me in your tummy. You didn't expect me to allow you to have it and you pulled me a little harder than you'd have liked. But the slight un-comfort for a second only makes you more aware of whats happening now. My mouth finds yours and my eyes are closed as I slowly draw my hard **** all the way out of your dripping *****, until it almost falls out again but right before that happens I slowly slide it all the way back in. And leave it there. Your legs while wrapped around me close slightly as to tell me not too deep. I oblige. You feel my pelvis with every ****** rub just above your ****. You feel my hands, both cradling your head, both full of your hair. I pull your head back slightly and expose your neck. I bite it. It hurts a little. You let out a yelp. I look at you to make sure you want more and your eyes tell me to keep going. My one hand fits around your neck from the front but doesn't apply any pressure. My thrusting quickens. I am not pulling out as far now. You let go of me with your legs and let them relax, spread open on the bed. You want me to have you. Take you. Your body loosens up a little and your bent legs open more for me. You want me to tighten my hand around your neck. Not hard. But lightly. You want to feel like I can dominate you. You want to feel like I'm taking you. I am telling you things as we make love like this. "I want you. I need you". I ask you if you like me inside you and you nod while making a quiet noise. I tell you I want you from behind.
I pull out and help you to roll over and get on your knees. I stand up on the floor right beside the bed. I put my hands on your hips and pull you toward me. You make your way over backing into me on all fours but I grab your hair and tug on it as to get you off your hands. I reach around and press my hand on your chest so you're upright on your knees. You back is arched slightly. You want me inside you again. I pull your hands behind your back, bent at the elbows so they are just above the small arch. I hold them there with one hand and again reach my other hand around and put it on your throat. You can feel me pressed against your back with my **** sliding in between your *** cheeks. Everything below your waist is soaking wet. I slide in to you from behind. You let out a loud moan this time. I tell you not to move your hands from behind your back. I whisper it to you as I bite your ear from behind. You can feel me inside you, the tip of my **** hitting in just the right place inside your ***** with every ******. I reach around with the hand that was holding yours behind your back and find your ****. I can feel my **** slipping in and out and I start to rub your **** with every ******. I can feel your soft *** hit my pelvis as I push into you. My other hand still on your throat is still holding you upright so your only on your knees. I can tell your body is getting fatigued and you want to lean forward but I still hold you up. My hand moves from your throat and claps a hand full of hair and I pull it back. You have no choice but to tilt your head back. I run my tongue all over your neck and around your collar bone. I love the way you taste and tell you so. I let go of your hair and wrap my arm around your neck this time. You disregard what I said about moving your arms from behind your back and both of them hold on to my fore arm that is against your neck. Im ******* you faster now. The sound of our bodies hitting is loud and wet sounding. You are moaning more and more. Louder and louder. I tell you to say "I want you to **** me" and you do. It drives me crazy to hear you say it and I start to slow my rhythm but make it harder. I let go of you and push you forward. Your face hits the bed and you turn on your cheek. I grab your hips and ****** hard, deep inside you. I reach down and spread your legs slightly before holding your hips again to pull you into my ****. I tell you I want you to *** again for me. I tell you to use your hand. You reach down and start to rub your **** as you feel my hard **** bounding in and out of your soaking wet *****. I keep telling you "I want you to *** for me" and its getting you closer and closer. We are both sweating and I can see it glistening on your back and some of your hair is sticking to the back of your neck. We are both breathing heavily. I tell you to tell me when you are going to *** and you half moan and half speak yes. I reach around as I ******* hard from behind and put my hand over top of yours and mirror every movement of your fingers. I can feel you getting closer and closer to ****** again. You tell me "Just like that" and I don't change anything about the way I'm ******* you. Your explosion is imminent
(Female Descriptive)
I am sweating now and am pleased with you coming on my **** while it was inside you. I tell you I want to *** inside you. I lay on my back and pull you on top of me. Straddling me. you lean over and we kiss more passionately than ever. My arms hugging you. Wrapped around you. I tell you I want to *** inside you again and you nod and smile. You slowly work your way down my body with your mouth. kissing my neck first. Then my chest. Then stomach. You grab hold of my **** and hold it upright. You lick it up and down before placing it in your warm mouth. You hear me gasp quietly. You move up and down on it slowly with your mouth and you can feel it flexing every time you do. You rub the tip against your pouted lips. You can taste yourself on it. You tease me like this for a few minutes before I pull you back up to me so I can kiss you again while you straddle me. I reach down and slide my **** inside you. You are rocking your hips on it. You feel it inside you. I feel it inside you. I pull you close to me and you raise your *** up in the air slightly. Now you can feel me start to do some work. I am thrusting up. Up inside your hot *****. You don't know how much more you can take of this. I tell you "I love you" as I ******* from under your straddling legs. I reach up and hold your head with one hand on each cheek. I look you in the eyes. "I love you". We keep kissing but I'm making eye contact all the time. I tell you I'm going to ***. You sit up strait and start to rub your **** while you grind your hips on top of my with my **** deep inside you. I close my eyes. I reach up and touch your *******. I hold them in my hands. I can feel your hips rolling. It matches the waves of warmth building inside me. I tell you again "I'm going to ***" and you are almost at your ****** as I close my eyes and feel a warm wave wash over me. Everything flashes white for an instant and I pull you down to my mouth.
(Female Descriptive)
You hear me moan out. I bite your neck but don't let go this time. You feel my warm fluid shoot inside you. You feel my **** pulse, the muscles forcing my *** out, deep inside your *****. There is a lot. The spasms of your ***** from your ****** make mine so intense I don't think it will ever end. You feel my tense body slowly start to relax. My **** still inside you, you lay on me and rest your head. I put my hand on the back of your head and slowly stroke your hair. Its stuck to both of us. We are both completely soaked with *** and sweat and saliva. Both our eyes are wide when open but they want to shut. If only for a minute. You're resting on my chest. We can feel our heart beats. They are the closest they have ever been at this moment. Both our hearts mere inches away from each other. They almost feel like they are beating as one. "I love you" leaves my lungs one more time as I drift off half asleep and half in Nirvana.
Written by
Archer  40/M/Near Toronto
(40/M/Near Toronto)   
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