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May 2013
A good wife will always care
Always make her husband happy
Accept him for who he is
Love him and cherish him
Believe in him and stand by him when no one else dose

A good wife never mind when she sees her friends hoping from high class cars, jeeps rang rovers to anotherΒ Β 
She hold him and take a walk with happiness and love
She is contempted with what she and her husband has
She always pray for her family before going to bed at night

A good wife
Even if storms come she still remain faithful
She know how to quickly forgive and forget
She will always stick with her husband no matter what
No matter how bad things are, she will always stick to him and believe in him
No matter how much her husband argue with her she ll stick with him till they work things out
She marry for love and not what she can get from her husband and never cheated on him

A good wife
Inspires her husband to greatness
She knows when her husband is not happy and also know how to put a smile on his face
She always know how to quickly say am sorry
Always turn her husbands bad day to a better day
A good wife is the best gift a man can ever get
Azubuogu chinwendu chukwudi
Written by
Azubuogu chinwendu chukwudi  lagos
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