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Apr 5
Vendredi 18, tu es venue à l'école avec une attitude différente.
Tu es en train de te perdre et d'oublier ton aptitude affriolante.
Tu es tombé d'une altitude qui était autrefois inspirante.
Tu l'as fait quasiment indifférente,
que tu nous as convaincu que ce n'est qu'une exception intermittente,
que ce n'est qu'une soudaine changement d'humeur déprimante.

Friday 18th, you came to school with a different attitude.
You were getting lost, forgetting what you are made of, forgetting your aptitude.
You have fallen from what once was an inspiring altitude.
You did it so calmly, so indifferently, that you have convinced us that it was just a temporary phase.
Just a passing malaise.
I have originally written this short piece in french. It is very unlike what french romantics would write, whether it's the language the expressions or even the topic. The translation is inexact and unprecise, but anyways I hope that you like it.
Alaa Ilyass Balga
Written by
Alaa Ilyass Balga  15/F/Morocco
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