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Apr 2020
Waves of memories
Surging in the sea of sorrow,
Letters adorned with
Crystals of nostalgia,
Despair and Darkness,
Silent and smug,
With creepy smiles promising
To wreak havoc once again,
Diaphanous barriers sewn with tears of pain,
Envelop the reckless heart,
Invisible scars etched into the bereft soul,
Familiar feeling of bitter realization.
Buried anger, misguided trust,
O belle, mercy is all I ask,
Insecurity tugging at my roots,
Harder than my own hands do,
I am dead on the inside.

Looking afar
Iinto the fair white sky,
Infinitesimal on a speck in cosmos,
Consumed and blinded
By unsolicited mortal passions,
Rage, desolation, woe, glee, love-
Words stuck in my cynical brain,
Ink bleeding on the papers.
Choking on my own thoughts,
Drowning in the abyss of an endless void,
Betrothed to an unwelcome guest-loneliness,
Treading through the fiery waters,
Trudging through dank, dense woods,
I am dead on the inside.
Written by
Shrika  17/F/India
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