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Apr 2020
I slider across the ground
My scales caressing as I
Float above the problems
Of those who walk
Moving silently across any surface
Camouflaged on the ground around

I don’t love the air
But I kiss her often
To follow the scent of my prey
With my forked tongue
It’s ether here or nay
But surly,
I’ll find it soon

Slowly now
As the sun glistens across my back
Slow, steady
Every movement now is a
My prey closed of
Against a wall

My tongue licks faster now
Both in anticipation
And for the calculation
Of my strike, if precise
It’s deadly, fatal
As is the fate of my prey

It turns it’s head to the right
From here, I could get a really good bite
I think I gave it a fright
Standing out now in this light
Roll the dice
Take a strike
And for a second
It thought it might
Get away from me

You really thought you could flee?
And mmmmmmmm
My fangs seeping in this venom

I do this to survive
But I’m still
A villain
Stoned Adventurer
Written by
Stoned Adventurer  29/M/Malta
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