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Oct 15
You think that you fall in love with your highschool sweetheart. I think you're wrong. I do not think that is love. Maybe you like them oh so very much, but it is not love.

Love is giving yourself to another person and being vulnerable. Vulnerable enough that you're giving your heart to them. Some adults cannot even do this, let alone a teenager.

You don’t even know yourself at this age, not even at 20, maybe not even until you’re 50, but suddenly you’re deciding you want to marry this person and be with them for life?

Maybe I’m bringing up a controversial topic. Maybe it’s a past experience I refuse to forget. It’s silly how people think those three words can solve any fight. If you really loved me, why are we doing this.

I can’t give you my love, I don’t even actually know what it is. How do I know what I’m feeling is love? “You just know”, I call bs. Tell me how, I want to know. I need to know.
I won’t say I love you for I’m not sure if I really do
Written by
Ila  17/F
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