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Apr 1
01-04-2020   23:30

It is said that "the greatest discovery that humans
made was Language."
It was really a shocking thing to read that quote,
because at first, it sounds trifle.
But giving it a second thought one feels the gravity.
How will you express you are hungry?
by rubbing tummy? gesturing to mouth?
but there are the infinite meaning of every gesture.

No new thoughts to offer today,
My mind is drying up living in this room.
I go out to buy milk for five minutes,
and again back to the room.
How senile life has become.

But analysing this stop that Nature has forced upon us,
It is making up for another thirty or forty years,
We were reckless before, now confined in a room realizing
the little things that we didn't appreciate and checked on,
The spendthrift hand devouring the limited resources,
is now caged in-home hands tied.

Still, some will never change. As soon as this will be over
We will again repeat the same old mistakes.
We are slave to our habits.

Yesterday I wrote a paragraph on "dying of Poetry"
Now I see it as a paradox.
I am here, which is meant for poetry,
Writing a rant.
Sometimes we are wholly unable to see the both sides
of a coin.

Pretty late,
Good Night!
Written by
Deep  20/M
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