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Apr 1
If I could write you a letter
It would go something like this
I hope this letter finds you well
I truly hope you're finding bliss

Wrapped in a million other feelings, still my love for you exists
Among other things, it's being in your arms that I miss
How they used to comfort me
When we weren't separated by distance

It seems fitting that the last time I saw you was in an airport
The place where we had already shed so many tears before
But this goodbye was different
And I felt it in my core

I think that's why I cried for an hour
Sitting in your car
I could tell that when you said we'd be alright
Even you weren't really sure

As you wiped my tears away, I knew you didn't want to stay
It took you another month to admit it
But you eventually said the same
I lie awake sometimes thinking of other things I wish you'd say

"I still love you."
"I still want you."
"I'm sorry that I caused you all this pain."
Words I'll never hear and that has to be okay

Did you ever think that this would be your legacy?
Not the laughter, not the love, not the California dream,
But being the absolute saddest thing
That ever did happen to me
Written by
colette alexia
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