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Mar 2020
When life is right
And you behold their sight
You think just might
Be my new shining light

That thinking won’t last for long
Because it is certainly wrong
It’s a sirens song

One is not singular
Everyone is like snakes are
Something modular

This is scary
So do not tarry
When finding someone complimentary
And if you are to marry
Know that it is necessary
To understand their itinerary

Protect their light
But see their darkness
Help them in their fight
Because you and them share a likeness

Don’t fear the dark
It’s part of the spark

People are not one thing
your mind will be in a pink spring
So remember to bring
Something to fight that veiling
Which is so blinding
Eyes half opened never see everything but somethings are hard to see. Sometimes eyes half opened are best.
Written by
Tim  ImagiNation
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