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Mar 29
we stare at ourselves,
lifelessly staring at our mirrors,
staring at our fears.
our escape are the reflected eyes.
we hide and what seeks us
is not our fears,
but us.
The // means the start of the explanation.

lifelessly staring at our mirrors.// we are not satisfied with our natural selves basically when you look at yourselves in the mirror in the morning when you don't try to perfect anything.

our escape are the reflected eyes. // the image on the mirror is lifeless therefore our escape is void. Basically we escape into nothing which implies we are not escaping anything.

The rest l think you can figure's short but there is a lot

Notice how mundaine it is also showing how this is routine like how you wake up...brush teeth...etc

Please tell me what you think???
Written by
Blue Cow  20/M/South Africa
(20/M/South Africa)   
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