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Mar 29
When I’m asked,
“What are your expectations?”
I tend to evade the question,
Because, realistically, I know
No one could ever meet mine.

I admit,
I’m inclined towards lofty ideals
And raw romanticism,
So it’s not anyone’s fault
but my own...

What I want,
Is you,
And your love
And devotion
In the purest form

My souls counterpart
That I see beyond the physical,
But appreciate for their beauty
And pine for nonetheless

I want to share sunsets
And when I gaze into your eyes
I’m struck with the same feelings
Of breathless awe and admiration

I want to have the ability
To catapult you right over the precipice
With the mere touch of my lips
Pressed against yours

I want to explore and travel
The crevices your mind
In every country, city and state
In every way, shape and form

I want you to know that relationships
Are not always meant to last forever,
But that our love will remain
Through this life time and the next

I want to touch your soul in a way
That will forever change it;
Catapult you to your highest potential
In heart, mind and body

But, most of all,
I want
Yes, I know it’s not a poem. These are my thoughts
Nicole Alyssia
Written by
Nicole Alyssia  Greenwich, CT
(Greenwich, CT)   
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