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Mar 2020

I cover myself within
The darkness of life
To see your
Illumination of LOVE

I throw myself
Down the valley
For me to know your peaks

I drown myself in your abyss
To soar in your skies

I become your sunset
For your moon to rise

I cry in your longing
So that I can feel
Blessed in your LOVE

I try not to show my sadness
So that YOU can feel happy

I make myself wrong
So that you can be right

I design my fall
So to cherish your rise

I make myself fail
So admire your success

I isolate in solemn silence
So that you can speak and write
Your wisdom through me

I hide behind dark clouds
So that you can
Become my silver lining

My heart remains wet and eager
So that you can shine
Your RAINBOW across my soul

I castaway from the world
To drift towards your island

Your smile knocks me down
So world can raise
Your hand in victory

I take a step back
So that you become
My protective armor

I remain thirsty of your LOVE
So you can quench my thirst

YOU keep me away
Yet allow me to know you
Like no one else does

YOU show so much LOVE
So to make me surrender
My EGO in your devotion

I've become darkness of life
For you to show me your
Illumination of LOVE....

YOU are my Angel in Disguise

Melancholy of Innocence
Written by
Melancholy of Innocence  Planet Earth
(Planet Earth)   
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