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but you see my dear, my sweet,
you always stood so far away,
I've not a bow to reach you like he,
not one arrow or a sight for aim like he,
I've only this stinger which even then,
needs you to be very close to strike
but what I lack in range I gain in what lingers,
a toxin that seeks your rivers of blood,
so to be inside of you, to traverse all within you,
to pump into your heart
as you gasp from pleasure, from pain and all the realms in between
as you slip out of consciousness,
I watch you as your eyes close.
Leonardo J
Written by
Leonardo J  Mare Tranquillitatis
(Mare Tranquillitatis)   
       Eryck, Mikey Kania, TheIdleOwl, ryn, Sea and 7 others
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