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Mar 25
And at the end of the world
when the red sun glows dim
turning shades of blue
The blood of a thousand swans
leak into a desolate pool
where I once loved you
and you once stabbed me
I named you solace
but you became my agony
I was falling harder still
leaving cracks in my bones
and holes in my flesh
from when you tore me open
with your stained glass teeth
A blue sun goes black
I call out for my love
as lush fields begin to rot
decaying into wastelands
the Earth once green, now grey
yet no pain is greater
than the wailing emptiness I face
laying in your purgatory
with a glance you condemn me
but shame strengthens my desire
“I’ll prove it to you”
A pool of blood and feathers
A scream and I dive
sinking to the bottom
where you left me to die
but with a grin I wait for you
sitting in a pile of gravestones
Written by
Mei  F/Connecticut
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