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Mar 23
Climbing, like a ****,
Spreading all over the world.
Covering everything in sight.
Hiding the light.
Indiscriminate and severe.

the politicians,
are slow to act,
Australia is suffering blow after blow.
The virus,
shouldn’t be taken lightly.
And my anxiety,
keeps rising.
I feel the choking vines,
as they wrap around me.
It tickles my throat,
and I feel sick to my feet.

I can’t think, can’t breathe.
The virus hasn’t touched me,
but the impacts surround me.
Normal life,
My whole life,
is a repetitive process.
But now,
libraries are closing,
cafés are closing.
And the feeling of wrongness,
Is swallowing me up.
I want to throw up.
I want to stay inside.
I don’t want to overreact but this feeling keeps growing,
faster than the weeds that I pull out around me.
I feel forgotten,
hidden from view,
beneath the weeds
and the vines.
Sick to my soul,
but not to my lungs.
I’m not usually very anxious, but at the moment I find it hard to concentrate, and I feel sick, but only internally.
Avery Nightshade
Written by
Avery Nightshade  16/Agender/Trapped in Reality
(16/Agender/Trapped in Reality)   
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