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Mar 2020
Cold, fallen, asleep, dark
Asleep, numb, numb to the pain
Fallen down and given up, hopeless
Cold, stuck frozen solid
Dark, shadows fill the space around you

no one can understand. Does no one try?
You are the outcast
You see things differently
Close the door to the world before they turn their backs.
Don’t get up.
Sink below and go down, fall through the crack

They can’t see you

Do they want to?

Does the whole world exist and go against you?
It’s all in your head.
You’re crazy.
stop letting your mind go to dark places.

Is there love in the world?
Not for you.
Your heart is ugly, your mind broken.
Everything you touch turns cold.

Just relax.
Everything will be ok in the morning.

If you don’t wake up who is there to blame?
Forever asleep now,
The end that was supposed to be the beginning
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