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Mar 2020
Desperation eats at my soul
As I constantly want for more likes
More notices
But when they never come
My mind clouds with the possibility
That they never will
And no one will ever notice
When I have gone
And where I went
I plead with desperation to the world
'Accept me, accept me!
For I am just human
I am just like you!
Please accept me
if it's the last thing you do!'
But I have learned
That not everyone is in agreement with my personality
And not everyone will find a way to accept me
But the people I love
Have accepted me and all my flaws
And for that I am grateful
But I still have all that desperation
If I told you the truth
Would you run away too?
Or would you just accept
My overflowing desperation?
Molly Eli
Written by
Molly Eli  Somewhere in the Galaxy
(Somewhere in the Galaxy)   
   Reyna and ---
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