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Mar 21
his heart seemed to be made of steel
and to cracking it, was not the deal.

feelings were forbidden
so I kept mine hidden

he had a cute smile and a good taste in music
but his attitude was confusing

I wonder about the temperature of his heart
to get to feel it, must be art

I knew it couldnโ€™t be this cold
โ€ževeryone has emotionsโ€œ I once was told

sometimes he was gentle
and it made me believe that I will find him sentimental

so I kept trying to find the key
tried to sneak into his heart and teach him how to be free

I even got to experience a glimpse of his warm heart
but then life took us apart

and the day he had lost me, he would have finally found something that set his heart on fire

- gio, 27.12.2019
Giorgia Travaglione
Written by
Giorgia Travaglione  20/F/Switzerland
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