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May 2013
I stand aside sometimes
And await my punishment
Await my flogging
The consequences of my actions
I know I've been bad
I've lied to myself so, I have been had... by me
But that false reality, for a second, filled me with so much satisfaction
I stand aside, stand out of my own way... so I can see
The ability to be in denial to myself is one that I lack, that character is hardly me
And so, I stand aside sometimes, turn my gaze inward, and look inside at times
Correct my wrongs
The rhythm somehow kind of went off key
Re-write these songs
These bad ideas come in crowds... in throngs
These crazy things that we conjure up
That flow freely
**** this tap
Will never stop giving
When will it dry up?
My friends are so wrong, but that's my problem. Hahaha....
Nigel Obiya
Written by
Nigel Obiya  Mombasa, Kenya
(Mombasa, Kenya)   
   Kittu, Adreishka, JM, Jodi, Mia and 1 other
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