Jun 2010

Perky Breasts & Pouty Lips

Now I'm thinking I am, your typical male
who loves beautiful women, and all they entail
tall or short both, make my heart do flips

but the things that I, like for sure
it's alright if, they're somewhat demure
are perky breasts, and pouty lips

a personality, is a wonderful thing
it would be cool, if she can dance and sing
don't mind playin poker, and bettin those chips

a sense of humor, with a snorting laugh
always willing, to give you half
umm but I crave perky breasts, and pouty lips

I love watching them, when they come and go
swingin those hips, to and fro
make my heart beat do, a couple of skips

but look at those boobies, and that sexy mouth
causing a disturbance down to the south
god I love perky breasts and pouty lips

Gomer LePoet...

David Nelson
Written by
David Nelson  Florida
   R and bethiem
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