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Mar 2020
Midnight skies above
It's beautiful
It's wonderful
It lets me forget
About yesterdays strugglesΒ Β 

I forget about feeling numb
Forget about my soul being poisoned
Perhaps that isn't true
Perhaps my vision is blinded
By the light
The light those wicked
Or maybe both
I don't know

I wish I was out there in the stars
Exploring many different possibilities
But here I lay on Earth
Stuck with a bunch of zombies
Who never chased their dreams
Their mind brainwashed by screens
Spending all day on their i-phone
Until its too late
When their family gathers around, crying
Right next to their gravestone

Gone are all possibles
As well as dreams
Just like that.
How tragic.

Yeah, this poem is ironic coming from me
But it is what it is
And that's how it's gonna  be

From me to you, the one who sees
In the dark, In the light
And everywhere
Yeah, this poem is incredibly ironic. i'm well aware.
Anthony Michael James Butler
Written by
Anthony Michael James Butler  21/M/Ontario
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