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Mar 15
G                       B7
When the leaves start to fall
               Em                         A
and the wind falters to a whisper
                     G            B7    Cmaj7  G
Would you still be there beside me?
                   G                      B7
When the colors start to fade
               Em                     A
like the lights from my eyes
                     G           B7        Cmaj7 G
Would you still be standing by me?
                   Em                A
When the sky starts to fall
and the stars start to fade
         E7                  A7            
After we've been through it all
                     G                          B7
Would you still walk to the end with me,
     Em       A       G                 B7         G
to finally rest, beneath the Willow tree.
A serenade to someone I have yet to meet.
Written by
starlight  15/Non-binary
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