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Mar 2020
You can gamble on forever
Or if you want to, never
But all in between
Could only be a dream

In a world that seems
Although it has no seams
We hope they will be seen
So one can claim a prize
Seen with adoring eyes
Because we love to know

But details are not wholes
And maps of them have holes
A thing is out of control
If it is the only thing we know

You can't know what you are
If all you are is all you know
So now you are another thing
And now this gives you time to think
And that is all we ever do
And this is how it made you

The thing that you will always seek
Is not outside or inside sleep
Is not a place that you can see
Out of reach eternally

The best is to be in between
Maybe at east infinity
That's where you can find me
Counting sand on the beach
Written by
mc6lm  Behind your eyelids
(Behind your eyelids)   
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