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Mar 2020
ive always wondered what its like to be a normal kid but always for weird reasons,
im safe, im loved, im fed, im cared for, thats what home is,
why dont I want to be here, im confused,
the secrets,
but im safe and they love me,
but they dont know me how could they love me,
I remember when I was really little and wanted to be like my dad,
except for the hitting and drinking and screaming, but I wanted to be just like him,
he was my hero,
anyones a hero when all you know are villains,
thats why you were my hero, you saved, and protected me
protected or smothered
im aware of the misspellings and issues with grammer but when I tried to fix it it didn't feel like me. my aesthetic for poetry is unfinished and not straight forwards
Written by
al  F/Heavens walkway
(F/Heavens walkway)   
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