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Mar 2020
I can feel the g-od’s of my ancestors calling me
From the horizon and finality
They are silent
They seek no form in stone from us
For stone is corrupt able and they are not
It’s an abomination

They despised the way the humans disgraced their form
Though they are kind about it
Sending thieves, sending wind and sand they remove this idol
And blessing us with things new

I ask what do they seek....?
I ask how do we please?

But I realize they have all things in their ability

The Bible warns they seek no sacrifice
Why would they give a live birth for a corpse in return?
They made the life to live...

There was might in those days of old.
120 years of life for a man.


There shall be might in these times if we take it easy and breathe

The bounty of a persons heart shall share truths of his long days here to be inherited by those who have ears

Even our faulty sciences tell us matter and energy never are destroyed

It’s incorruptible

But I blindly look to how things are created
My own fear lets me not see

For man was meant to be upright in mind and to only see the things given to his own blinking eye

Imagination wander not into the lust of lusts, the evil eye upon the creators possessions

Where does this worship of many g-od’s fall into Christianity?

The lord surely showed his might when he said have no g-d’s before me!

Then these idols fall fail once again to the wind
They fall prey to thieves’ lusts for gold, the wind and the sands which corrupt.

I still search outside
They search for worship
The Bible says things which never pass away

It is a hard book of scrolls in which the reader seeks life and finds it not for in them it says you shall seek life in them

Oh, how I wish I new the living, perfect and true god.
The first god of worlds

Oh how my blindness aids me though...
Less stripes for the person that did not know his will or even him

I want to work works...
I want to be godly
However the book reminds me I cannot be saved according to works

Jesus said we are all gods
This statement frightens me
But it is the beginning of wisdom for the fear of god results in knowledge

I look to the earth for his fingerprint
I have tools which show me the world

I see a tree growing through the dead leaves in search of drink and sun

It springs up
It shoots down
It displays leaves
It hides roots
It breathes and holds and bends in the wind
It throws its seed to land in a better place from where it originated
Across continents
Across backyards
It churns the earth and keeps it alive at its trunk

Only patient eyes can see

I see the sand lands we call desert

These were once alive but are now crushed rock

How can we reverse this dire situation?

What if we lived here?

Shall we pray for manna without a wince?
Without a doubt?
Just allow it to fall from heaven for gather?

These thing were
These truths are history

All I know is that he provides but man corrupts
Question Answers Confusion Fear Frustration
Jesse Thomas Devlin
Written by
Jesse Thomas Devlin  40/M/USA
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