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Mar 2020
Taken Away By Cozyflowz

Momma momma it's sunny out there,
The predators shall be awoken, go out not,

No daughter I shall be fine, we need some foods, the basket is empty, thou shall go fetch something to feed

I shall return in Dew
Momma momma please I beg of you, thou shouldn't take this risks,
I shall endure thy little I eat, I want you closer than ever,  daughter worry not, my guard is embodied

Momma left for the forest, the woods were drained, leafs scattered around thy forest, thy evil birds squeak, the forest gasps for thy tornado,

Momma was a little scared,  the wind was lite, and the sun was hotter,
Momma picked as much foods as she can, on her way home,
She passed the forbidden empire for shortcut home,

In the empire lives a scary demons called the hyenas, strong teeth are a sign of their carnivorous diet, able to hunt buffalos,

Momma walked timidly,
fears of the evil empire scared her to ground,
Momma mistakenly stepped on a dead prey bones, that awoken the evil hyenas,

Laughing, laughing
Here you dare pass the shortcut, how brave you are,  momma tried to run as fast as she could, unfortunately for her,

She was stripped off by the hyenas, and was plundered mercilessly,
Daughter was worried and scared, she tried coming outside to run a search party, but the windstorm scares her back, night, morning, over morrow she never saw the face of her mother, she wept all day.
Talks about death of a mother.
Written by
Cozyflowz  24/M/Lagos, Nigeria
(24/M/Lagos, Nigeria)   
     --- and tonylongo
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