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Mar 2020
You held my hand and kissed the rim. I wanted to let go but I couldn’t. I knew it was fake, I knew it wasn’t real but I still couldn't move. I wanted you but I knew I could never have you. I will never have the real you. I will never mean to you as much as you mean to me. Yet every time you called my name, you sang I love you, I couldn't help but fall deeper, knowing that it's all lies. You took advantage, you thought I was a possession. Still, you were my obsession.  I wanted you to know, I know you don’t care, I know you don't love my heart but I still gave you everything because I truly loved you. From your quirky smile to your diamond eyes. You were my dream guy and I was your dream body. But guess what. I am still holding your hand because I care. Now that you're gone, you let go of my hand, I cry out your name...It's really not fair. My thoughts are running, my ears are ringing because our memories are the loudest blares.
Written by
Vianne  19/F
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