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Mar 8
What was once young
Is now but aged and old
What was once seen as beautiful
Is now but a crone
Where did It all go?

Did it disappear with my hair?
Did it go over there?
Searching blind I go nowhere

I sit torn between sheets
All bent at the knees
I stare at what I believe is
The Christmas wreath
Drinking is but a pleasantry

I say goodnight to the
Ghost of my past while
Lighting the candle wax

I curse at the world so crass
While I think of that trash

He left me for dead
All buried in sorrows covered
In red

Now I will haunt him like the
Living dead and cause him
True dread
This is a poetry piece about a wife who was left by her husband after he got into an accident with her years ago that led to her becoming blind. this story is looked at from the women's aged perspective and the hatred that never died out, unyielding flame.
Written by
Zachary G  19/M
   BR Dragos
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