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May 2013
SON:  (looking over her shoulder at the screen)  "When you 'like' something its like you're in a group conversation and in your mind you approve of something.  You know like when you like what somebody said but you just nod.  The 'like' click is like a little nod but now you know everyone can see.  Zuckerberg is a genius.  He intellectualized group social dynamics and stuck it up on a computer screen."

MOM:  (annoyed) "But why do these people want to be friends with me?  I don't even know them."

SON:  "The computer knows they're friends of friends ..."

MOM:  "Well that's creepy.  That's not right."

SON:  "They're not trying to sell you insurance, Mom."

MOM:  "There is something wrong about this.  I feel it in my bones."

The SON rolls his eyes, but then reconsiders and makes a little face like she might be right.  Then he continues to peer over her shoulder at the laptop screen.  He loves her.

Gregory K Nelson
Written by
Gregory K Nelson  39/M/Connecticut
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