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Mar 2020
He drove me home late that night, the only time we had a fight. I threw his ring in disgrace as teardrops fell from down his face. As I tore his name off the jacket I wore, I got out of the car and slammed the door. Before I could say that I was wrong, I turned around but waited too long. He drove off and out of sight. I wish that I had apologized and said he was right. But I swallowed my pride ran up to my room looked out the window and stared at the Moon. I would apologize to him in a while as I picked up the phone and his number I dialed . It rang and rang in my head so I put down the phone and sat on my bed. He's probably not home yet I said to myself as I stared at his picture on the Shelf, he is such a handsome thing... but then the phone started to ring, I picked it up expecting it to be him, but the voice on the line sad and grim. Are you Robbie's girlfriend they quietly said, when I replied yes they told me he was dead. his car had ran off the road and crashed you couldn't see anything but broken glass. In his hand was the card I had made as they looked on the ground when his body was laid. Something was running in my eyes for I never said sorry the night he died. And oh... How I loved him so... But now he will never know.
This was the first poem I ever wrote I was 12 years old and it was in 1982. My parents said I meeded counseling lol turns out....I'm just a poet! ðŸĪŠâ™ĨïļðŸ™
Written by
Carla  49/F/Texas sky
(49/F/Texas sky)   
   Joey and Balkus
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