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Mar 4
I could hear this noise, very close to me, it must be 'LOVE'. Searching for me, in these heaps of broken 'Dreams'. My 'World', shattered, in ruins, 'Buildings' damaged and abandoned, 'Roads' bereft of people, with rows of broken-down vehicles. Wild nature, thriving on everything, immovable. And there it was, 'LOVE', picking things up and throwing them aside, looking underneath. I scampered for a new cover, farther away from the area under search. I managed a peek and had a quick look at my hunter. Beautiful! That's what they told me. Don't fall for the looks! It only looks beautiful from the outside. Once you are caught up, you'll be hurled up in the sky, pulled down, beaten, broken, mauled and eventually left half dead. It's not supposed to hunt ugly people. Can't it see? Is it blind? Oh! Now it was wandering too close for comfort. Could it hear my heartbeats? I had no control over them, my racing heart, making me invulnerable and susceptible at the same time. In the very next moment, even before I could move away to another cover, with a swift, almost invisible move, it appeared directly over me and removed the tainted window glass I was hiding under. I had to make a choice, I didn't have time to deal with 'LOVE'. In a desperate move, I threw a 'cold heart' at it and made a dash across the street screaming, "Go away! Just leave me alone you stupid thing." As I gained some distance, I paused for a bit and looked back at it struggling to mend that cold heart. And for a moment it looked up at me, dejected and hopeless. I took a quick left and then a right and hurried on to this long and winding road, pointed blades of grass on the two sides, smoke bellowing at a distance and the mile marker reading :
                        50 KMS'.
Written by
Travelling ToHell  M
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