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Mar 2020
you like your women stacked like
houses of cards
steaming in the sunlight, missing the inferno
wishing your toy soldiers
would would follow orders and go
where you want them to
spackle slapped over cracks but you're molding
so badly that I wish you'd burn it down
no match for
your uncatchable mausoleum
hidden bruises painted
pulsing, colors crawling over my skin
creeping across my fingers, spreading down the halls
on their slow trail back home
shadows kiss your skin the way they raked at mine
whispering for you to sink low the way you made me
learn to hit the ground and breathe soil
respect the pain you're so afraid of
your name etched on heavy chains
weighing down upon their shoulders
they are not your trauma nurses
no more dopamine dispensers
acting like the second coming
but you're so, so small
don't understand what I am getting at
better that you crawl
Written by
   Bogdan Dragos
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