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Mar 2
Listen, we were together
And you reminded me of every lost chance I had.
You were always happy to see me,
But something in your eyes watered.

You were a soft baby,
Sheltered and raised gently.
Your mother told you she would always love you.

I was jagged edges and cold eyes.
I knew one day you would cut your hands open on my cheekbones.
I worried it would be your first time bleeding.

I wondered how far you would fall when I dropped you.
An eagle holding bait.

We would drive and talk about things that mattered,
I told you I tended to forget things.
I didn't tell you that you might be one of them.

You used to whisper, "You're beautiful."
You used to squeeze me so tight.
I used to hold onto your hand,
Afraid I would let go.
I let go.
Written by
   --- and reigning cereal
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