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Mar 2020
Because I just feel used ya know?
Because I am forced to go,
Then forced to be the responsible one.
Never can I have a little fun,
Because I am always babysitting everyone else.
You use me because I am so good to you,
But I never get the same energy in return.
I am forced to deal with your problems,
But no one is there to help me with mine.
There is the occasion few,
But no one understands.
You respect me,
But I don’t feel loved.
Sometimes I wonder when it will pay off.
When will it all be worth it.
Because I have been trying for so long now,
And it just gets harder and harder
But nothing gets any easier.
my heart just hurts and nothing seems worth it anymore
Written by
Estella  18/F
   SPT and Thomas W Case
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