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Feb 28
Why cant I behold what others do
Hold up a mirror, let me see
What was he before you
Who's this man stood before me

Let me crawl into your skin
Would I shudder when I find
Inside you I found my twin
Let me climb into your mind

Look through your glassy eyes
See me as you wanted to
An animal in cheap disguise
Behind a cage, locked in a zoo

Slip between the iron bars
Bounding down the dusty trail
Skin is full of jagged scars
Past attempts result in fail

Now I'm free gone from your body
My old home left for good
But still full of melancholy
Not quite far from understood

As I look for a place to dwell
These mundane people so loose fitting
I suppose it's better than the hell
I left behind for 'twas unwitting
Written by
Archer  38/M/Near Toronto
(38/M/Near Toronto)   
   Words' Worth
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