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Feb 27
Here I lay with this gaping hole right through me
It's been dug so far down
An archeologist finding pieces
Ancient artifacts long lost
Years to uncover with this tiny brush
I need a jack hammer
I don't want them intact
Sterling gems and shattered lives
Auburn and aquamarine
They all look the same covered in filth
Pulled from the same hole
Brittle bones and worn tools
Splinter me and collect your prize
Whirling dust clouds
Like needles in my eyes
Makes it hard to see
Who's there
I need a long heavy rain
To wash away this grime
Its gets inside everything
The cracks in my armor
Rust away and disintegrate
Leave me bare to you
Keep searching
You wont find what you're looking for
Written by
Archer  38/M/Near Toronto
(38/M/Near Toronto)   
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