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Feb 27
Ever felt it?
That abomination in the back of your chest?
The warm, subtle, frenzy; a play on insanity?
Right there, touch it, right in the center.
Not the heart...but close.
Hidden behind the apocalypse animated in your mind.

Pressure, in the brain.
Feel a little insane.
Will it go away?
Can it even be tamed?

Lost in the dark,
Swimming with sharks,
Jabbed by enough,
Jagged and rough,

I'm just meshuga,
Worried by could'ves'
Explosive conceptions
Smoke choked by hookas

Tell me I'm ready
Flying to freedom
Afloat and steady
Reaching for kingdoms

I'm falling forward
Nose-diving toward
Pavement-made jungles
Vision is bordered

Raining disaster
Coming down faster
Searing with laughter
End is the capture
Written by
EmperorMoth  20
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