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Feb 2020
I’m torn up inside
Confused but I see the light in a moment
I told her how I feel about getting to know each other better
She doesn’t feel the same way though
Then I felt the darkness

I feel disappointed but I also feel I shouldn’t Pursue her.
No, not yet.
I would feel clingy. I’m not clingy.

Never should I try or strive but her qualities attract me.
She brushes them off like they are nothing but she is a treasure in that moment of light.

I really do think she’s better than the rest.
Clearly she is taken for good reasons and
I wish her the best!

There’s nothing I can do except to hear back from her someday when she is more free.
But what if her heart is broken where she doesn’t want another?
I’m torn... I wish her the best.
I wonder if she will remember me in that time of hurt if it comes.
I wonder if she would look for a friend to comfort her.
I’m here for her.
Sounds lame but I am.
I would like to know her better in her time of hurt so I can pick up her unhappy ness and whirl her up and say let me show you my heart.
It has been waiting for someone like you.
Jesse Thomas Devlin
Written by
Jesse Thomas Devlin  40/M/USA
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