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Feb 25
Silver notes ringing
The Rising Moon is singing
A sweet lullaby...

Wind Whispers through trees
Secrets on the midnight breeze
Swirling around me...

The sun softly glows
Kissing my cheeks as I doze
Waking me gently...
This was written for my 2019 dream journal I can almost hear it as a song it would make a good lullaby ...I don't always title my poems when I write them... especially these dream journal ones and I have a slight aversion? to titling them using an exact word from the poem... it happens sometimes but I like to avoid it when Consulting Google for another word for lullaby I ran across the French word for it and amused myself by inadvertently coming up with the title all together in French without realizing it was actually in French X'D I had to check in Google Translate and sure enough it was in fact French... hahaha I wonder how many languages I know tiny bits of and don't realize it... X'D
Emily Mitchell
Written by
Emily Mitchell  37/F
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