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Feb 23
It seems that I take your breath away
It’s a downfall of mine
A pastime
An old rhyme
A sure way for you take me away from me.
I’m a little weird. A little too skinny
My bones make you flinch, so I feel empty.
I’m a little too uptight. You got drunk on a Friday night and I cried. You make so much noise and sometimes I just need the silence.
I’m so ******* annoying
A *****, who needs to take whatever she is given
But your hands will still take from me without my permission.
My bones are now my only defense. Silence is now my only solace. You could get drunk on a Tuesday and I wouldn’t notice.
Cuz one day I take your breath away
But yesterday
You couldn’t breathe until you could leave
And you just took a breath
Written by
Bailey  18/F
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