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Feb 2020
From the heart
To another
Will create a route
From zip code to zip code,
And from address to address,

Until the destination
Receives the envelope,
Opens the packet,
Views the letter,
Reads thoughts, and
Ok, so here is a lesson on IT. There’s a networking transmission model called the OSI model. It has seven layers on either side of a communication. Here they are:

1. Application (creates data to send)
2. Presentation (translates data into sendable data)
3. Session (establishes and terminates communication sessions)
4. Transport (identifies what is being transported (how to handle it))
5. Network (creates a path across networks)
6. Data link (creates a path across the local network)
7. Physical (cables and stuff)

That’s the sending end. The receiving end is the inverse. I formatted each line to each process in the layer, and used the layer number to define how many syllables in the corresponding line. I honestly find IT networking communications a really intriguing subject. The best way to explain the OSI model is by using the mail system and letters as an example.
Written by
Ayn  18/M/Wherever I May Roam
(18/M/Wherever I May Roam)   
     --- and daisy
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