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Feb 2020
Oh, my Darling, my Darling,
Our purple passion rises, rises,
Your heart beats faster, faster,
My desire burrows deeper, deeper,

Both bodies warm, warm,
Fingers tracing, tracing,
I embrace you tightly, tightly,
Your breath sings, sings,

"Now," you whisper, whisper,
"Yes," I ******, ******,
"Faster," you gasp, gasp,
"Here I come," I pump, pump,

I rapidly withdraw, withdraw,
Sweating and pulling out, out,
I peel off the sheath, sheath,
And make myself ready, ready,

I aim my shaft hard and true, true,
Over your peacock feathers, feathers,
Thick lava spirals out hot, hot,
Settling in your bellybutton, bellybutton,

Your index finger dances, dances,
It swirls in the creamy pool round, round,
You trace across my glistening juices, juices,
The light in your eyes smiles, smiles,

You use my salty ink as lipstick, lipstick,
My liquid sparkles across your sweet lips, lips,
I lean over and come in close, close,
And upon your wet syrupy lips I kiss, kiss,

In that moment I taste life's bliss, bliss,
Two souls become as one, one,
Our hearts tasting love and peace, peace,
Our song embroidered upon stars, stars.
Rangzeb Hussain
Written by
Rangzeb Hussain
   Bogdan Dragos
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