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Feb 18
I’ve never liked the color blue
perhaps it’s the coldness of its touch
or the stillness of its presence
too great of a contrast to my fury
like a storm for the irrational
but with just a glance
a second’s worth of connection
the clock struck 12
and I heard the church bells ring
like shards of stained glass
as you pierced through my chest
and blue blood leaked out
soaking my flesh and my bones
in the purest form of love you can imagine
it’s a phrase that sticks and stings
the ringing in my ears as I scream
I stood on the highest peak
but the agony pushed me down
so I slept for days
I think I was waiting for you
but you wouldn’t come
so with every blue dusk that passes
a crack emerges on my clock
a pitiful reminder
of the grey in your hair
and my unfortunate youth
Written by
Mei  F/Connecticut
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