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Feb 18

   Lately I've come to a new
Kind of an understanding
I've noticed my universe
Is progressively expanding

Lately there's a change in
What my eyes are seeing
And there's a feeling my
Soul has been receiving

Lately life seems to be Something
that's worth living
I've got a heart that has
Love that's worth giving

Lately there's a voice my ears
Have been tuned to hear
And suddenly it seems
To be all to clear

Lately I've seen a new light
Shining brighter every day
And my darkness feels
A million miles away

Lately there's a message
Powerful but sedately
And the man that I am
Has changed as of lately

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright 01/28/17
All rights reserved
Chuck Kean
Written by
Chuck Kean  57/M
         Lorraine Colon, Sylph, kianna, ScriptedSilence, Grey and 21 others
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