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Feb 17
She's champagne.
She's pretty.
And she makes you feel good, but she's just temporary.
It's a temporary high, you can't stay drunk forever, sooner or later you wake up with a hangover and no money on the streets of LA.
What im saying is that she won't last I, however.
Im poisen.
Poisen that tastes like blackberries.
And once you drink my blackberry poison there is no going back, it goes down and takes you with itΒ Β The effects are a permanent sleep, a vacation away from your body that you can't come back from. The only hurt you feel when you have me feels like magic champagne is pretty but poisen is beautiful.
Champagne is overrated, wouldn't you prefer to live in a dangerous beauty and die in a dangerous beauty. Champagne will make your mind fuzzy and dull, how do you stay alert with all that achohol? Poison makes your mind shap enough to understand the beauty in everything. But... You look happy with your champagne. For now. But soon the high will end and you will come crawling back to me. Until then... I'll be waiting dear
Toast Ghost
Written by
Toast Ghost  16/F/~Wonderland~
     Fawn and ---
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