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Feb 2020
I am a monster become self aware.
Aware of my nature, not changeable even with my heart laid bare.
I hoped love could save me; Help me escape.
But all it could do is hold the evil at bay.

We had good times; I gave my all for you. But slowly, but surely, the evil seeped through.
I'd become so bitter, so rotten within.
That even when I met my soul mate,
Love was doomed not to win.

I spewed my evil,
I traumatized my life.
She was everything to me,
And yet my tongue and actions cut like a knife.

I lost all control,
Or maybe regained it?
I don't know whether it was always like this,
Or if circumstance changed it.
My heart; was it always so cold and vile?
Was I always the one whom I hated and reviled?

She's gone now.
I only wish it had been sooner.
I can never mend the hurt that I have gifted upon her.
All she ever gave me was grace and love,
And I returned these blessings with poison and blood.
Written by
Patrick  22/M
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