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Feb 16
I feel so lonely even when you have your arms around me
I hold myself much worse than you do
But I like the former more than the latter
I guess I’m destined to die alone
Without you I don’t even have any friends
I’d have to move alone.

Isn’t the whole point of love to be less lonely?
How come I still feel alone?
How come I don’t like it when you hold me?
I don’t want you to **** me.
I don’t want you to make love to me.
I don’t want you.

But I know if I don’t stay with you I will die alone.
Can I turn my back on you?
Over not feeling fulfilled?
I don’t know if I can live a lie anymore.
God help me.
I’m going to either die alone,
Or die feeling alone.
I don’t know which one is worse.
Lindsey Graham
Written by
Lindsey Graham  21/F/Alaska
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