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Feb 15
In the stillness of a winter day
Noiseless teardrops make their way
Down the landscape of my face
Like frozen and irregular icicles
They create rivers and lakes
Along my cheeks and around my chin
Where, once separated
Tributaries meet and start their descent
Falling as gently as the miracle of snow surrounding me
They are soundless thunder
As they splash upon the cold ground
Spilling all the secrets of my broken heart…
A silent storm

Lightning images of my past
Illuminate the skyline of my mind
Holding my icy heart prisoner
Gated by hurt, padlocked with pride
The warden of fear controls my every move
My immature self remains hidden away,
Peering through the bars of my jail window
As the rest of the world passes me by
Barely taking notice of my condition
And those who do, avert my eyes
Shake their heads and hurriedly pass
Barely acknowledging
The wasteland of my silent struggle

In this same barren stillness
A voice speaks to me
Behind the darkness of my pain
Touching me…warming me
It illuminates my soul
Thawing a core
That for years now has been cold
And inexplicably, in this vast and lonely place
I reach beyond my fears
To grab hold of its soul-rendering strength--
The blessed peace of but a few words
He speaks to me…

Be still & know.
Written by
Shawn  F
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