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What should I do?
How should I go on?
When all I want to do is
Give up now
I can't take it no more

Any way I go
It's just closed doors
Only little windows with grills
Through which light shines,
Little glimmers of hope

I reach out for the window
Every step forward
Giving me a fighting sense
But as soon as
I reach the window

It turns out that
It was just a
Figment of my imagination
Just another closed door

Should I go left?
Or, should I go right?
Lost in this abyss
Imprisoned in my mental-cell

Surrounded by darkness
Gasping for breath
I feel claustrophobic
Just want this to end

My demons guard outside
Don't let me out
Need no saving grace,
My solace I've found

There's no open doors
No open windows
No rays of hope
Just plain white lies
About not losing hope

My mind right now
Is not less than hell
Compelling me to make
A deal with the devil
To get out of this invisible cell

Give up or not
Don't know what to do
The devil tempts me
To give up
I guess I might soon

Maybe, in the afterlife
I'll be happier
You'll never see me crying
Just a pretty smile
You'll see
Raashi Bijlani
Written by
Raashi Bijlani  20/F/India
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