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Feb 2020
The most embarrassing thing in this world is to find out that you've been cheated on by your one and only girl you start thinking to yourself you thought everything was fine you feel these past five years you've wasted nothing but time late night with her girls all along she's just been lying you treated her with love and gave her nothing but respect but still she cheated on you then she stabbed you in the back you always second guessed it didn't kniow what to expect she's two months pregnant you can't believe it what is next it's so sickening to your stomach the bond you  had it really wasn't come to find out she cheated with her best friend's cousin you thinking to yourself because your hands the cards been dealt you couldn't picture seeing her with anybody else she took your heart and snatched it out and threw it out the window I reflect on it now I guess love wasn't so simple those manicured nails and those pretty little dimples the way I use to hold her man she use to be so gentle I never understood why women play these mental games i understand now why the love is not the same i thought you would be the one to bare my last name but now that you cheated I must live with all this pain
Written by
Henry Love  36/M/Jersey City
(36/M/Jersey City)   
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